Ergonomic Chair It is a type of chair that is designed for use with office desks. It is usually a wheel chair with a set of wheels for movement and an adjustable height function. Modern health chairs often use outstanding weight-bearing legs. (Often called a gas lift), which is placed under a chair seat near the floor, the health chair was developed in the mid-19th century as more and more people spend time sitting at a desk. This has led to the use of features not found in other chairs.

















A modern take on the classic lounge chair, Nuvem delivers adjustability, ergonomics and contemporary comfort.

Designed by an award winning ergonomic seating designer, Neil Wu draws inspiration from the classic lounge chair styling. The aluminium frame provides functional strength, visual simplicity and gives a lightweight appearance. The upholstered arm pads and wood or gunmetal style frame delivers balance, elegance and comfort. The chair provides adjustable comfort with its clever recline mechanism with built-in lumbar tracking, auto-return positioning and recline memory lock.


The ErgohumanPlus Luxury takes our flagship chair to new levels, with enhanced aluminium detailing, an independent forward seat tilt function and a deluxe five-star base. This is the ideal high-end executive office chair.

Encompassing all the qualities of the standard Ergohuman, with the added benefit of an enhanced mechanism featuring a seat tilt function and encased in striking polished aluminium, the ErgohumanPlus Luxury makes a statement in subtle beauty, body contoured ergonomics and vibrant colour toning. An engineered design that reflects form and functionality – the art of our technology redefines today’s health-conscious work environment with more posture control and more support, personally configured.

Euro Modern

The Loop Task Chair is a fresh look on the office seating which brings brightness and transparency into the office environment. The main concept is a combination of mesh backrest and soft pad in a new and innovative design. The mesh gives all the advantages of a light material such as comfort and breathable support for the human’s back. The headrest is an innovation design with 18-position height adjustment.


The Enjoy range brings extraordinary economy to luxury seating. Sharing many of the features of the top-range Enjoy models, the Enjoy office chair provides intensive 8-hour day comfort.

With unique autoflex zones for back and lumbar support and a range of adjustments using the ingeniously simple single lever control to provide personalised comfort, the Enjoy chair is designed for enduring comfort. Enjoy’s incredible value, organic curves, versatile frame and complete adjustability makes it one of the most desirable office chairs on the market.

Enjoy has been certified according to the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) .It is certified BIFMA X-5.1.


This deskbike help you keep productive. Stay healthy,active,and burn more calories while you perform otherwise sedentary task


The Brant Classic delivers Brant series luxury and distinctive look. Its elegant framework, integrated coat hanger on the models with adjustable headrest and superb value make it one of the most desirable office chairs in the performance seating market.


POFIT redefines ergonomic chair. It applies technology to bring you more than 300% protection to your whole spine. Pofit achieved successfully whole-line support to spine rather than individual support. Pofit dynamic bionic spine pressure relief design, multi-directional & double-wing support chips to back muscles and livemotion lumbar tracking design, provide perfect and comfortable support to users’ whole back, including spine and back muscles group.


POISE Series Multipurpose Office Chair that are designed to suit the body of Asian people And with a beautiful mesh fabric pattern like no other. There are a variety of colors to choose from. that has never been before Launched in Taiwan as the first


Designed for simplicity, Skate delivers functionality without fuss. Concealed, pictorial levers control the dynamic movement and height adjustment, while lumbar comfort can be adjusted. An optional inflatable lumbar feature can be added for increased support.

The Skate task chair offers unrivalled comfort, ease of use and style, and is an ingenious addition to the Comfort collection.


Carlos is an Office Chair that comes out with a compact design for Asian people, especially with a modern, lightweight shape, especially for women. or a gentleman with a small figure With the shape of the chair designed to fit the body. Help us sit and work longer.


Embracing the most innovative technology and materials, our state-of-the-art Design, Research and Development centre have pushed the boundaries in task seating to unprecedented levels. The concept is a highly designed chair with revolutionary technology unique to the task seating industry.

Offering streamlined elegance and the perfect balance of form and function, Genidia delivers superior comfort and flexibility, ergonomic support and adjustability to all users. This, in harmony with the exceptional dynamic movement, creates a healthier workforce, improved productivity and overall workplace wellbeing.


With organic curves and some of the most elegant features in office seating, the Nefil chair is the epitome of luxury. Customise to suit any environment: bright, contemporary mesh colours, executive classic leather, soft fabrics or a combination for a modern, comfortable and unique design.

The Nefil chair adds a touch of class to any workspace. The materials used to manufacture the Nefil chair are environmentally friendly and offer the flexibility and strength to provide outstanding comfort along with refreshing good looks.