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  • Bangkok and its vicinity
    Delivery time 1-2 days
    Delivered by the Ergohuman ประเทศไทย and assembled for the customer. With advice on how to use.
  • Upcountry
    Delivery time 3-7 days
    Delivered by private shipping companies The product will be delivered in a box. Customers can assemble the product by themselves. There is a clear process of assembling products and equipment.
  • Free delivery

Waranty 2 Years

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Los Angeles, 11-13 June 2019
During the E3 EXPO, more than 500 gamers tasted the MARS gaming chair, Mars has also been sought-after by many professional e-sports gamers. “MARS gaming chairs are uniquely crafted to serve the needs of elite players. With 3 axis multi angles armrest bridge to provide optimal and full support to gamers’ arms, diversified functions but simple adjustment. MARS provide benefits not found in any other chair at the E3.” said the team Lakers Gaming of NBA2K LEAGUE. 


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